Office Refresh June Special!

Is your office ready for Summer? Could it use some minor improvements or a refreshing, new interior? Look no further, because Schroeder Solutions Office Refresh Program can help!

Whether it’s touching up a few scratched desks, adding new fabrics to outdated furniture or reconfiguring existing workstations, we have solutions to keep your office environment looking and feeling brand new. We can help make necessary improvements to your space, while also keeping a close eye on your budget.

Check out our services below and then sign up for our labor special!

Now through June 30th enjoy 10% off our standard labor rates for any new project/service booked with Schroeder Solutions.   

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Schroeder Solutions offers the following labor services:

1.  Furniture Solutions:

Space Planning

Our design experts will analyze your space and make recommendations on how to best use your furniture to create an interior that has more amenities for your employees.

  • Evaluate current and future office needs
  • Develop smaller, more efficient workstation standards
  • Reconfigure space plans with existing furniture
  • Improve the office workflow, efficiency and amenities

Furniture Reconfiguration

Our professional installation team will bring the design changes to life! They will adjust panel heights, reconfigure workstations and/or make minor adjustments to your existing layouts. Our installers are highly-certified and are trained on all product lines.



2. Touch-ups and Repairs:

Wood Repair and Touch-Up

From wood doors, desks, conference tables, chairs to crown molding, Schroeder’s team of skilled craftsman can make your furniture look and feel like new again. We’ll replace, refinish and rebuild your furniture so you don’t have to spend your ENTIRE budget on a brand new, expensive office interior.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can bring life back into worn furniture and give old panels a fresh facelift. Cleaning and refurbishing your existing furniture is an environmentally-friendly way to update your interior, while also saving money!

Panel and Chair Re-Upholstery

We have all the tools necessary to refresh your old, outdated fabrics with vibrant new patterns and textures. We can apply new fabrics to your panel system to give it brand new look!


3. Inventory Management and Storage:

Are you tired of spending excess time and money to keep inventory or records stored on site? Schroeder Solutions has the space and management professionals to help reduce your office real estate, effectively manage your assets and save you time and money.

With over 150,000 square feet of modern racked space, an electrically-secured building and 24 hour access to your items, we will make sure your confidential files and valuable inventory are properly managed and protected.


4. Installation and Relocation:

Furniture Installation

Our field personnel are fully informed, professional installers that share the company’s aspiration for complete and total customer satisfaction. They have extensive experience and knowledge of every major furniture system in the market today.

  • GlobalPicture4
  • Haworth
  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • AllSteel
  • Teknion

Corporate Relocation

We’ll take the headache out of the tedious moving process. Schroeder will help coordinate the logistics, support the installation process and ensure your business is up and running as quickly as possible. Whether a departmental relocation or reconfiguration, a building to building relocation or a branch consolidation, Schroeder’s experienced Project Managers will guide you through the process.

No matter your office situation or your budget, our team of experts will work with you to help improve the overall look and feel of your space. Contact us today to find a service that is right for you! With our workplace knowledge and expertise, we can help create a space that works! Bring it on, Spring!



Workplace Trends: #1 Making More Out of Smaller Spaces

While the idea of a smaller workstation may at first cause panic – Where will I find room for all my files and paperwork?  How will I be able to work with less surface area?  In reality none of that should change drastically – it’s more about making the best use of space, not taking anything away. Smaller spaces are more efficient and can create a big impact in your work environment.

  • Lower panels are environmentally responsible (LEED)
  • The office configuration supports increased collaboration
  • More workstations can fit into the same (or smaller) area, reducing precious real estate costs
  • Individuals have personal space but the focus is on the team and the company goals

Making more out of a smaller space is not a simple task.  When planning a new layout to reduce your office real estate, keep in mind the work function and tasks performed by the individual.  For example, the accounting team will need more privacy than the creative team.  Below are 4 steps to consider when creating smaller spaces:

  • Create a sense of personal space
  • Maximize the real estate: make use of every square inch
  • Provide sufficient worksurface and storage space
  • Maintain a feeling of spaciousness

Teknion District is a excellent example of a product that makes the most out of small spaces. Some design elements that enable District to create ample storage and surface area include the use of multi-functional components, maximizing the utilization of space within storage units and offering smaller scale versions of traditional storage. Credenzas, bookcases and storage towers support worksurfaces, reduce clutter and define space. Narrow, small-scale storage units stacked on credenzas also serve as space dividers. Large windows starting at worksurface height open up the workstation to allow light in and provide views. Overlapping surfaces and under-surface storage make even more efficient use of space.

Access to Natural Light Creates a Quality Work Environment

Over the last few years commercial office design has evolved in an effort to improve life for the masses – shedding natural light on the work environment. While previous space planning practices located private offices on the exterior walls in order to give managers and executives a serious presence in the office, the trend has now reversed in order to give the general office access to this valuable space and resource. Workstations are now typically being placed closer or adjacent to the exterior windows while private offices are now being clustered in the center of a building.

Studies have shown that providing the majority of occupants with a connection between indoor space and the outdoors increases employee productivity, and also reduces absenteeism and illness.  Therefore, not only have workstations moved to the windows, but their heights have also been decreasing. In order to carry this valuable light source to the relocated private offices, clerestory windows and/or sidelights are being incorporated into the design of these interior walls. While the existence of natural lighting is very important to the workplace, it is also equally important to provide daylight redirection and/or glare control devices, such as window blinds, to ensure the daylight is being used effectively.

Giving a larger percentage of office occupants access to natural lighting not only has a positive effect on the employees, it is better for the environment. The increase in natural lighting decreases the need for electrical lighting, which results in lower energy use and electrical bills. This in turn conserves the amount of natural resources used and reduces air pollution impacts due to energy production. Therefore, increasing the natural lighting available has multiple benefits for both humans and the environment. The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) rewards this practice through its LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification programs with one to two points for interiors that utilize 75% to 90% natural light.