Waterstone Mortgage – Project Highlight

Over the past 5 years, Schroeder Solutions has served Waterstone Mortgage, an innovative mortgage lending company, by providing interior design, space planning, office furniture and relocation services.

Based on the growth of their organization, Waterstone Mortgage decided to consolidate four locations into one corporate headquarters in Pewaukee.  They partnered with Schroeder Solutions to design and furnish this new space.  Schroeder Solutions worked with their team, led by Eric Egenhoefer and Lisa Fenske, to provide the desired layouts and furnishings to meet their workplace objectives, and the installation and move services to meet their necessary timeline – all within budget.

“They recommended some incredibly productive workstation solutions, sit to stand private office furniture, conference room furniture to handle our state-of-the-art technology and café style elegance for the break room,” says Fenske. ” The result is a productive, collaborative and healthy office environment that provides a wonderful place to work!”

As the number of Waterstone Mortgage facilities continues to grow, Schroeder will continue to support their teams across the country.

See what else Lisa Fenske of Waterstone Mortgage has to say about this project.

Creating a Company Culture: Encouraging Innovation

Do you ever have an idea that you think will help improve your company, a product offering or a service? Are you afraid to share that idea? Or maybe you think someone else in the company just has better ideas than you.

You don’t have to be a superstar to be innovative. Your experience doing what you do everyday just may help you think of a way to do things better. If so, then you are an innovator.

Do you have the time and freedom to think of new ideas during work, other talented team members to brainstorm with, and a work environment that supports collaboration? And what happens if your big idea is a big flop? A culture of innovation supports independent thinkers and understands that failure can play a key role in the true success of a new idea.

Companies are recognizing the need to empower their employees and create an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Joel A. Garfinkle identifies 4 Principles for Fostering Innovation in an Executive Insight article Here’s why leaders need to create a culture of tolerance to promote a spirit of innovation.