Ethonomics: Human-centered & Biophillic Design

As mentioned in the January article, our partner Teknion released a paper called Ethonomics: Designing for the Principles of the Modern Workplace in 2015. As a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative workplace interiors, the company explored how design can impact employee happiness and the question—What does well-being and productivity mean to today’s workforce?

As part of the Ethonomics formula for designing workplace happiness, significant attention is given to the topics of human-centered and biophilic design, the importance of creating rich sensory experiences and connections to the outdoors.

Human-centered design is about digging deeper into your understanding of who you are designing for, designing with a true empathy for the end users to create interiors that reflect social and cultural transformations. According to the Ethonomics paper, “The character of our surroundings provokes a visceral and an emotional response—whether from specific color combinations, the juxtaposition of materials or a mix of textures.” Designing interiors that connect with people more deeply on a sensorial level result in more meaningful and engaging spaces. Creating this more meaningful sensorial experience can be achieved through exploring more material applications. The paper suggests considering:

  • Stimulating and creating interest with dualities in textiles and materials
  • Bringing nature indoors with materials
  • Addressing sustainability and wellness concerns with textiles and materials
  • Exploring types of acoustical treatments with textiles
  • Creating deeper connections with the use of color

When it comes to deeper connections and sensorial experiences, human beings crave a relationship with nature. Biophilic design is the practice of building nature into the built environment, bringing the outside in or creating it inside to fulfill our innate need to connect with nature. According to the Ethonomics paper, “As human beings we are highly responsive to multi-sensorial experiences of nature—which are, in fact, profoundly important to human functioning, health and well-being.” It further states, “In order to thrive, people need access to daylight and a pleasant view, while spaces that contain natural elements or provide access to the outdoors can offer cognitive respite, stimulate creativity and improve work performance.”

Creating these deeper connections to nature can impact business in a profound way. Interface, a carpet manufacturer and pioneer in sustainability, helps power Human Spaces – – a website that provides a platform to explore and discuss biophilic design.

If you are interested in learning more Ethonomics and integrating human-centered and biophilic design principles into your workspace, contact 877-676-9346 . You can find information referenced in this article by visiting:—walkthrough-animation

In the summer issue, we will discuss the importance of Balance and Choice. Stay tuned!

Project Highlight: Delta Medical

As a leader in medical equipment sales and an Advanced Partner with Siemens Healthineers, Delta Medical brings the most advanced diagnostic imaging technologies to health facilities. To build on their solid industry reputation and continue to provide a desirable corporate culture with a low turnover rate, they wanted to update and energize their workplace.

As Delta Medical looked to create an updated office environment that supports health and well-being, they explored a variety of options from renovating their existing space to new construction. In the end, they purchased a building in the Pewaukee area that best suits their business needs.

The Schroeder Solutions team worked with Delta Medical to create a 6,000-sq.ft. office space with a fresh and contemporary appeal. The corporate logo provided color inspiration as the team looked to create the desired bright and happy interior. Canary, tangerine and aqua provide pops of vibrant color on workstation panel tiles, furniture upholstery and paint– fresh accents against the bright white backdrop. A variety of work zones were created to provide the needed balance between private and collaborative space. As a sales organization, the environment needs to support ongoing phone calls while creating a workspace that encourages more collaboration. In addition to a handful of private offices, the building includes a training room and cafe, a Think Tank meeting and conferencing space as well as ample warehousing. Access to natural light and height adjustable furniture were other important details that support employee health and well-being and elevate the workplace experience.

Project Highlight: Colliers International

Schroeder Solutions partnered with Kahler Slater on the design of  a 16,500 square foot office space for Colliers International. Teamwork and collaboration between Colliers, Kahler Slater and Schroeder Solutions was key to the success of this project. From the initial kick off meeting to a trip to the Teknion headquarters in Toronto and two trips to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, the team was committed to the due diligence necessary to select the right products and furnishings for this work environment. Multiple manufacturers were selected for the project and finishes were carefully coordinated to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. The end result, as you can see in the pictures below, is a beautiful, modern office that reflects the Collier’s goal of creating one of the coolest and most on-trend offices in the city of Milwaukee!



Artwork and Furniture Installation


Brookdale Senior Living has grown to become the national leader in senior living solutions and is the central source for care options throughout the United States. Brookdale offers nationwide independent living, assisted living, dementia care and skilled nursing services.

Schroeder Solutions is an essential part of Brookdale’s artwork and installation process. Our logistics department and installation team work closely with Brookdale to provide residents with the necessary products and services to meet their care needs. We enjoy bringing the comforts of home to senior living residents and creating spaces that are relaxing, calming and comfortable.

Overview of our Senior Living Specialists:

We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, a customized software program and connections to partners nationwide to help manage every step of the project.

  • 10+ years working with significant care providers
  • 10+ years working with our trained partners
  • CURA software program was created to support the operational efficiency of senior living projects
  • We understand the work challenges faced by Executive Directors
  • We keep the best interest of your residents a priority at all times
  • We are capable of handling:
    • FF&E
    • Artwork
    • Signage
    • Window Treatment

Take a look at some of our recent Brookdale installation projects: