Carpet Installation Services

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your interior? Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Update your floor- ing! – it has the greatest impact on the overall look and feel of your space. When you partner with Schroeder Solutions, we can install your new carpet using the Levitate Lift System, which means you will have little to NO downtime. Your furniture is literally lifted off the ground and new modular flooring is installed after hours. No moving furniture, no disruption to your staff – no headache for you!

BeFunky Collage1What we provide:   

• An experienced on-site Project Manager
• Pre-installation project management walk-through and review
• Clear communication of the areas to be completed each evening
• Written employee instructions
• Removal of existing carpet to Owner’s dock/dumpster
• Removal of existing pad
• Normal floor preparation
• “Levitate” systems furniture, lift conventional furniture
• Installation of new carpet, typical transition strips
• Nightly cleanup and vacuuming
• Hazard free temporary transitions between affected areas
• Daily walk-through of each area with quick resolution of any issues


How the Levitate Lift System works:
The removal and installation of carpet takes place after normal business hours. The carpet squares will be installed using the “Levitate Lift System”, which allows the team to replace the carpet under the current workstations with no disruption to your facility and employees.

Our installers typically work in teams of four to five installers and can remove and install 150 – 300 yards of carpet per night. Each night the crew only removes
the amount of old carpeting that corresponds to the new carpet they intend to install, which means you never have a large area of unfinished bare floor. In addition, the crew cleans up after themselves each night, vacuuming as needed.

We make it easy for you!

With just a few simple tasks before you leave for the day and your station will be all ready to go when our install team comes! You’ll have a new carpet that very next morning when you come into work!

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Artwork and Furniture Installation


Brookdale Senior Living has grown to become the national leader in senior living solutions and is the central source for care options throughout the United States. Brookdale offers nationwide independent living, assisted living, dementia care and skilled nursing services.

Schroeder Solutions is an essential part of Brookdale’s artwork and installation process. Our logistics department and installation team work closely with Brookdale to provide residents with the necessary products and services to meet their care needs. We enjoy bringing the comforts of home to senior living residents and creating spaces that are relaxing, calming and comfortable.

Overview of our Senior Living Specialists:

We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, a customized software program and connections to partners nationwide to help manage every step of the project.

  • 10+ years working with significant care providers
  • 10+ years working with our trained partners
  • CURA software program was created to support the operational efficiency of senior living projects
  • We understand the work challenges faced by Executive Directors
  • We keep the best interest of your residents a priority at all times
  • We are capable of handling:
    • FF&E
    • Artwork
    • Signage
    • Window Treatment

Take a look at some of our recent Brookdale installation projects:


Schroeder Solutions Idea Center Upgrade

When the Schroeder Solutions Design Team was challenged with the showroom refresh project, the keywords driving the design were: Collaborative – Inviting – Fun. While the previous showroom had served Schroeder and its clients well, it was time to re-energize the space and create an environment that shows clients the new and exciting things we can do.

Inspired workers create, innovate and inspire others, right? Our updated workspace implements smart design strategies with vibrant pops of color to create an environment that does just that, inspires.


The foundation of the design is a collection of neutral carpet selections that change patterns in unique ways and distinct areas for visual interest. The flooring was specified in neutral colors for a more timeless design. The strategy was then to introduce color through furniture and paint selections, items that can be more affordably changed in the future. In the reception/lounge area Teknion Fractals in a mid-back style offer a colorful welcome to the office. These furniture pieces are inviting, yet the higher backs create a sense of privacy for individuals while they wait.


Budget-conscious decisions were made that demonstrate to clients how old items can be reused and still add new life to an existing space. This is evident in the Admin department. The Teknion IE furniture that was previously in the Design Department was moved and reused. Some of the accessories were painted to give the system a fresh look. A conference table was added to support collaboration, providing space for informal meetings, and a printer bay was created for work efficiency.



Collaboration was a driving force for space planning in the Design Department. The designers wanted a bullpen arrangement that allows them to turn and talk to one another, brainstorm and then return to their focused tasks. Credenza guest seating and a central conferencing table support various types of collaboration, while the tiered panel design adds privacy while still promoting an open office concept.


When it comes to accounting, privacy is critical, yet the Schroeder Accounting team also wanted an arrangement conducive to idea sharing and meetings. A peninsula work surface is the perfect solution in this area. Glass screens in the workstations provide access to natural light while still creating the needed privacy. Wallpaper was selected for the filing wall in this area in order to add texture and visual interest, a fun accent in this space.


For areas such as the Resource Library and Break Room, simple finish updates can have the right amount of impact. Changes in paint colors, laminates, seating and hardware give a new twist to an old space.


In the Operations Department, Trendway Volo, a glass demountable wall, demonstrates different ways to create enclosed spaces for privacy. Collaborative spaces were then created with AIS Divi. 120-degree work surfaces and tear drop tables provide plenty of room for laying out drawings and having impromptu meetings. AIS Oxygen then provides individual carrel-type work settings for the field staff to complete important paperwork.



New nesting tables and chairs allow the In-Plant Office to be a truly flexible space. The new furniture is light, easy to fold up and move. This maximizes the use of this area, including training sessions, office meetings and wellness initiatives, like Zumba classes. Other wellness initiatives were integrated into the Schroeder office. Treadmill workstations are gaining popularity, so Schroeder created a special office with this product so all employees can take advantage of this unique work setting.



Last and certainly not least, the Design Team re-energized the Schroeder Sales Department. The new design complements the exciting energy that is emerging from this team. This area combines individual workspaces with a vibrant lounge-style meeting space. Pops of vibrant colors, project profiles on display, an award wall and a mobile technology screen creates an inspiring atmosphere.




Collaborative – Inviting – Fun. Come see for yourself! Let our workspace help inspire your next project.