Levitate Lift System for Easy Carpet Replacement

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your interior? Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Update your flooring – it has the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your space. When you partner with Schroeder Solutions, we will install your new carpet using the Levitate Lift System, which means you will have little to NO downtime. Your furniture is literally lifted off the ground and new modular flooring is installed after hours. No moving furinture, no disruption to your staff – no headache for you!


Planks by Interface

Walk the Plank - by Interface

Math and design, can it be? When it comes to scale and proportion, math makes all the design sense in the world. And Interface is using this equation to its advantage with the introduction, or rather re-introduction, of Planks.

While the 50cm x 1m Plank product didn’t catch on a decade ago, designers are now embracing the possibilities! Interface always valued the sense of this product and now brings it back with the addition of a new 25cm x 1m dimensional option – Walk the Plank™. This is the skinny jean of the Plank product and allows for incredible flooring design flexibility. The combination of sizes allows “the possibilities to grow exponentially.”

So, what’s in it for you? More versatility, larger patterning and less wasteful installation. Not to mention a truly unique and inspired way to update your flooring.

Download the brochure for more product images and information

When planks are paired with our Levitate Lift System for installation – updating your office is a breeze!

What’s New at Teknion?

From architectural walls and casegoods to ergonomic seating and technological devices, Teknion continues to enhance work environments.

Altos now offers an increased span of uninterrupted glass. Glass Fascias and Doors can support ceiling heights up to 120 inches and incorporate 4-inch base in an anodized aluminum finish option for a sleek storefront look.

The Expansion Casegoods were enhanced with redesigned elements to provide clients with a refined aesthetic for private office solutions.

The Powermat Grommet offers the capability to charge multiple devices with a single power supply. Eliminate the extra cords and be assured that this intelligent device will stop sending power when your devices are fully charged.

And couldn’t we all use a little extra back support. The Visio task chair takes functionality and ergonomic performance 3-steps forward. The new lumbar support option has a 3-inch adjustment capability and three depth adjustment positions.

Teknion took the products you love to a new level—these enhancements improve efficiency, aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. Visit www.teknion.com to learn more or call Schroeder Solutions and a member of our sales team can provide you with more information.