Schroeder Solutions Encourages Local Business to WorkWell: 3 Finalists Awarded Height-adjustable Office Furniture

Work Well Winners2013 is definitely not the year of the chair! Articles in publications such as the Huffington Post have authors like Nilofer Merchant suggesting that “Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation,” or an article in the Los Angeles Times by Karen Ravn says, “Don’t Just Sit There. Really.”

Getting out of your seat at work and creating more opportunities for mobility in the workplace should be part of your corporate wellness conversation. Companies are addressing access to natural light, healthy food options, exercise facilities, but what about the effects of prolonged sitting?

In an effort to bring more awareness to these corporate wellness issues, Schroeder Solutions in collaboration with AIS (Affordable Interior Systems) and the Wellness Council launched a Work Well Campaign. Over the summer, three finalists were randomly selected to be eligible for a grand prize drawing – a height-adjustable workstation or private office. The finalists include: The Starr Group, The Journal Times and Lawrence University.

Schroeder Solutions, AIS and the Wellness Council recently surprised the finalists by announcing that all three organizations will receive the new private office or workstation. The Work Well Campaign team wanted to truly reward these participating organizations and encourage them to continue their wellness efforts. Congratulations to the Work Well winners!

Finalist #3 of the WorkWell Giveaway Contest: Lawrence University

We are pleased to announce the third finalist of the WorWell Contest is Lawrence University!

Lawrence University is a deliberately small, residential college of liberal arts and sciences and a nationally recognized conservatory of music, both devoted exclusively to undergraduate education. Founded in 1847, Lawrence is a community of 1,500 intellectually curious students.

Lawrence is known for its friendly, open campus, its multi-interest students and the variety of musical, artistic, athletic and scholarly activities that students, faculty, staff and local residents readily embrace.

The University houses approximately 600 employees, with approximately 450 staff and 150 faculty.

Patty Leiker, who submitted the WorkWell application, shared some of the great things they are already doing in order to promote health and wellness on their campus. The University has had a Wellness Program for the past 5 years, including HRA’s, Health Culture Audits and on site wellness activities. In addition they also provide ergonomic assessments and healthy food.

Leiker feels that “Having an adjustable height workstation would allow us to further promote a work environment that encourages good health and support a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure that many faculty and staff on campus would be interested in learning about this type of workstation and the many benefits it can offer. Many faculty and staff on campus work long hours and having this type of flexibilty in their workstation would offer them comfort and decrease potential work-related injuries or health concerns. Being able to stand more throughout the day promotes better circulation, concentration, and energy.”

Congratulations again to Lawrence University on being chosen as a finalist!

Finalist #2 of the WorkWell Giveaway Contest: The Racine Journal Times

(Pictured left to right) Amanda Stein - Schroeder Solutions, Shari Karasek -The Journal Times and Jessica Raddemann The Wellness Council

(Pictured left to right) Amanda Stein – Schroeder Solutions, Shari Karasek -The Journal Times and Jessica Raddemann – The Wellness Council

We are very excited to announce the second finalist in our WorkWell Giveaway Contest is the Journal Times in Racine! Shari Karasek heads up their Wellness program and was ecstatic to hear the news that they are in the running to win the grand prize of a height-adjustable workstation or private office.

The Journal Times resides in a beautiful red brick building on a quiet street in downtown Racine. They have made great strides in their Wellness Program by providing their staff amenities such as an on-site fitness center, healthy food options, ergonomic assessments, comprehensive benefits packages and access to natural light.

Karasek feels The Journal Times will benefit greatly from a height adjustable workstation>>>

“The Journal Times has been bringing awareness to the benefits of standing workstations over the past year. This is a slow process since we don’t have money budgeted to replace workstations. Our Wellness Team has adopted this effort as one of our objectives this year and we are working at bringing awareness and educating employees. In addition to standing workstations we encourage employees to feel comfortable standing in meetings and we are placing a pub height table in our lunch room for those who would like to stand and eat. Currently we have one graphic artist, two managers (including myself) and two reporters who have standing or converting work stations. My workstation, for example, allows me to move my laptop from standing height to a seated location very easily so I can change my position throughout the day. Being “homemade” it is not the ideal piece of equipment.

Our organization would benefit from winning this contest because it would allow us to incorporate workstations that are truly made for the purpose of standing while working. Since few employees have laptops and are not able to move their computers, the ability to adjust the height is very important. Winning this contest would show employees that we are serious about this issue and it would bring more awareness to the efforts of our Wellness Team.

It is my hope that more employees would reap the benefits of a height adjustable workstation – from burning more calories, to improving circulation and back health, to increasing alertness on the job.”

The next drawing for the contest will take place on August 19th, so there is still time to enter! Click here to be directed to our application

Finalist #1 of the Work Well Giveaway Contest!

Angela Kirleis, The Wellness Council and Amanda Stein, Schroeder Solutions award Mary Starr of The Starr Group as the first finalist of the Work Well Giveaway!

Angela Kirleis, The Wellness Council and Amanda Stein, Schroeder Solutions award Mary Starr of The Starr Group as the first finalist of the Work Well Giveaway!

Schroeder Solutions, the Wellness Council and AIS are excited to announce that The Starr Group is the first finalist of our Work Well Giveaway Contest! Their name was randomly selected on Monday July 15th and the announcement was made at their office Wednesday July 17th. Mary Starr (Executive Vice President of The Starr Group) was thrilled when she heard the news! “Thank you again for the surprise visit today! You made my week!! This is such an exciting contest you are offering and I am very thankful for The Starr Group to be the first finalist for the height adjustable workstation. Thank you, thank you!”

This is the first of 3 drawings that will take place throughout the summer – the next drawing will be done on August 5th and the final drawing on August 19th. You can still enter the contest – be sure check it out!

A little bit about the Starr Group:
The Starr Group is an Insurance/Risk Management agency with the capabilities of advising clients on everything from their business insurance, including group health insurance, to personal insurance. They also provide assistance in Human Resource Compliance, Loss Control, Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration, Corporate Wellness, Leadership Training and E-Services. Having a staff that is highly educated in the insurance industry promotes higher quality advice and insurance products for their clientele. Their areas of expertise include: Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Corporate Wellness and Auto and Home Insurance Coverage.

How the Starr Group would benefit from a height-adjustable workstation or private office:

The Starr Group has had a progressive results oriented wellness program for the past 7 years. We are also in the business of assisting our group benefit customers establish and manage their own wellness programs. I understand that one of the greatest, yet most misunderstood, challenges of a successful corporate wellness program is “sitting disease” or the fact that the benefits of increased technology have allowed us to do the majority of our job without ever leaving our desk. This means that most of us leave work after 8 hours having the equivalent of approximately 500 steps when the daily goal is 10,000! I know that a height adjustable or mobile workspace will do a tremendous amount in helping to alleviate this problem, motivate our employees to move more, increase overall productivity and be an example of what we can suggest for our customers as well. Your consideration to be the recipient of one of these work stations is greatly appreciated.