Trend Watch: Mid-century Modern


Mid-century modern design best describes architecture, furniture and graphic design from the middle of the twentieth century (1933-1965). It has been described by HGTV experts as the “largest modernist movement since the Industrial Revolution and post-World War I”. The phrase was coined by author Cara Greenberg in 1983 while writing her book “Metropolitan Home” that featured 1950’s furniture. She made up the phrase and it stuck! The trend started on the west coast and migrated itself across the country, but it remains a very prevalent design element in the west.


What is mid-century modern?

It is typically described as simple, sleek furniture with straight lines that create depth and length with interesting, subtle curvatures and pops of colorful decor. Mid-century modern brings in elements of the outdoors as well as natural light through large windows to create the feeling of a much larger outdoor space. The uses of interior walls that don’t reach the ceiling are also a prominent design element to help create that illusion of a large, unending space. Mid-century modern includes sculptural, biomorphic shapes and the use of industrial materials such as steel, brass, pane glass, fiberglass, resin and concrete.


Key Elements:

  • Flat Planes: geometric lines kept consistent all throughout the office to create a cohesive feel.
  • Large Windows: creating the illusion of a large outdoor environment in an indoor space.
  • Changes in Elevation: small steps going up and down to create a split level; partial walls and cabinets to create depth and space.
  • Integration with Nature: multiple outdoor views and access points, appreciation of healthy living, marrying the indoor and outdoor spaces to create warm environments.
  • Non-traditional Lighting: sleek, small light fixtures and bold, unique chandeliers.
  • 60-30-10 Rule: when it comes to colors; 60% dominant base color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent colors.


Design Team Interview:

  1. Where do you see Mid-century design showing up the most in office spaces?

Matthew Rosenquist: Throughout the last couple of years, the workplace has begun to make a shift into a more relaxed environment. Inspired by residential styles, like mid-century modern décor, furniture layouts, open concepts, clean lines, and subtle organic forms, the workplace trends are leaning towards this more comfortable, stylish, and less “corporate” environment. Furniture manufacturers have picked up on these trends and developed products that suit these types of environments. Teknion – Upstage is a good example of these shifts. Upstage offers open concepts, division of space through furniture or functional storage pieces (not panels), neutral and vibrant finish offerings, and subtle design details like the supporting wood Y-leg, all gearing toward a Mid-Century Modern inspired design.

Jamie Fink: Mid-century design seems to be a contrary approach to millennial-driven design in the workplace. Unlike the bright, sometimes overly youthful look and feel of millennial office spaces, mid-century design hails from an era that is described as modestly classy and elegant. It is showing up in offices that are both looking to modernize their look and feel while also holding on to timeless elements.

  1. What kinds of offices is mid-century modern showing up in more frequently?

Matthew: Most of these trends are being embraced by the younger generation of the work force. This design style, aesthetically pleasing furniture, collaborative break out spaces, comfortable and flexible work environments are all things that are luring the new generation. In turn, previous generations of the workforce are beginning to accept this style of work environment because of its appeal to the younger generations they hire.

Jamie: I believe that mid-century design is embraced both by those who recall it’s prominence from their childhoods and is equally gravitated towards by younger designers who simply admire it’s aesthetic.

  1. What makes mid-century modern design unique?

Matthew: Mid-Century modern is unique in a way that it mixes clean lines with organic form, it is a balance of minimalist and contrast, and has a interesting way of exemplifying the natural world through a modern eye.

Jamie: Uncomplicated lines, a timeless color palette and a look and feel that is easily integrated into most design settings.

  1. What is your favorite type of product from this design era?

Matthew: No favorites come to mind, but I love the craftsmanship and sophistication of the wood furniture from this era.

Jamie: It’s a love or hate feeling when it comes to the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman… I happen to fall in the love category.


If you want to read more about mid-century modern decor and furniture:


Meet our NEWEST Team members!

Schroeder Solutions is pleased to welcome Sara Plautz and Peter Cherchian to its team of Workplace Consultants.


Sara Plautz brings over five years of design and sales expertise to the Schroeder Solutions Account Management Team. Design knowledge and experience in the residential sector is always an asset to the sales process at Schroeder Solutions. This background will serve Plautz’s clients well as she guides them through the project process. Her business development instincts, drive and positive energy makes her an exciting addition to the Schroeder Solutions team.

Plautz grew up in the construction industry as her father has owned a high end custom cabinetry business based out of Wausau for 37 years. She returns home to visit her family and dog Reggie as much as possible. An average week for Plautz is full of work and working out; she is sort of a gym rat. She also enjoys many outdoor activities, such as hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, snowboarding, etc. In September of 2016 she went parasailing 1,020 feet above Lake Tahoe…even though she is afraid of heights. She believes in making the most out of every day!


Joining the team as a Senior Account Manager, Peter Cherchian is a sales and marketing management strategist with over 14 years of industry experience. His leadership skills and strategic thinking will add great value and depth to the Schroeder Solutions team. As a project manager, he has a responsive and detailed approach and a sincere desire for the success of his clients.

Outside of the office Cherchian enjoys spending time with his family, his wife Sarah (of 12 years) and three boys. When he is not with them, riding and racing anything on two wheels, golf, soccer, and chess keep his mind and body occupied. You may also find Cherchian playing some video games from time to time or tasting some of the many Wisconsin microbrews.

Carpet Installation Services

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your interior? Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Update your floor- ing! – it has the greatest impact on the overall look and feel of your space. When you partner with Schroeder Solutions, we can install your new carpet using the Levitate Lift System, which means you will have little to NO downtime. Your furniture is literally lifted off the ground and new modular flooring is installed after hours. No moving furniture, no disruption to your staff – no headache for you!

BeFunky Collage1What we provide:   

• An experienced on-site Project Manager
• Pre-installation project management walk-through and review
• Clear communication of the areas to be completed each evening
• Written employee instructions
• Removal of existing carpet to Owner’s dock/dumpster
• Removal of existing pad
• Normal floor preparation
• “Levitate” systems furniture, lift conventional furniture
• Installation of new carpet, typical transition strips
• Nightly cleanup and vacuuming
• Hazard free temporary transitions between affected areas
• Daily walk-through of each area with quick resolution of any issues


How the Levitate Lift System works:
The removal and installation of carpet takes place after normal business hours. The carpet squares will be installed using the “Levitate Lift System”, which allows the team to replace the carpet under the current workstations with no disruption to your facility and employees.

Our installers typically work in teams of four to five installers and can remove and install 150 – 300 yards of carpet per night. Each night the crew only removes
the amount of old carpeting that corresponds to the new carpet they intend to install, which means you never have a large area of unfinished bare floor. In addition, the crew cleans up after themselves each night, vacuuming as needed.

We make it easy for you!

With just a few simple tasks before you leave for the day and your station will be all ready to go when our install team comes! You’ll have a new carpet that very next morning when you come into work!

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