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By 2030, Millennials will account for 75 percent of the American workforce. Do you understand the impact Millennials have on the workplace? Is your office ready? Creating the ideal work environment that accounts for Millennials’ needs is key to attracting and retaining this next generation of top talent, and many more generations to come.

That’s why we set out to discover what Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin want when it comes to the workplace and published our findings in a book titled, “The Millennial Impact in Southeastern Wisconsin.” The Millennial Impact was co-funded and authored by Schroeder Solutions in partnership with Colliers International Wisconsin. All results from this book are based upon the Public Policy Forum’s recent Millennial survey combined with secondary industry research.

From furniture, amenities to wellness, we have the answers you need to not only improve your work environment, but also the quality of your employees’ working lives. We would like to learn more about your company so we can combine our workplace experience with this valuable information about your changing workforce.

We are happy to deliver you a copy of our book and discuss how we can help you and your future employees. Take our Millennial True/False Quiz below and then let’s talk! Please contact Denise Scardina at dscardina@schroedersolutions.com for more information.

Millennial Quiz


Woman training in a fitness club
1. Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin prefer to have onsite fitness classes or workout at a gym in their office.

2. Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin prefer collaborative work spaces over more traditional, private workstations.

3. Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin overwhelming rank natural light as an important aspect to their ideal workplace environment.

4. The majority of Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin place more emphasis on the physical exterior of an office building rather than the interior.

5. Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin value companies who promote a strong wellness program within their workplaces.

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Skyline Technologies – Project Highlight


Skyline Technologies recently came to Schroeder Solutions for help designing its 12,000 square foot suite in Pewaukee. From sit-to-stand workstations, open collaboration areas to flexible meeting and social spaces, Schroeder designed an office space that not only met specific employee … Continue reading

Volunteering and Community Service

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a couple of different volunteering events this past year. Giving back to the community and helping those in need truly has been a rewarding experience for our employees. We are excited to continue the gift of volunteering this year and look forward to creating many more meaningful experiences together.

Take a look at some of our past community service work: 

Joe’s Run, Walk and Roll: Schroeder Solutions was a proud sponsor and participant of Joe’s Run, Walk and Roll, which took place this past September at Hart Park. Each year, Joe’s Run, Walk and Roll provides a critical source of funding for Broadscope Disability Services that advances opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. Our Schroeder team walked together on the most beautiful fall day in support of a truly amazing cause!




Milwaukee BroomBall Classic Tournament: We were also proud sponsors and participants of the 2015 Milwaukee BroomBall Classic Tournament this past December at the MSOE Kern Center. We had two Schroeder teams participate in the tournament and give it their all out on the ice. We had a blast cheering on our Schroeder teams and watching them attempt to run on the ice! All proceeds from this event benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee.

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2015 WorkWell Contest and Giveaway Winners


Congratulations to our 2015 WorkWell winners! Please take a look below to read more about our winners and their motivation for entering the contest. It was fascinating to learn about so many companies in Wisconsin who are making great strides in their wellness programs and their interest in adding mobility to the workplace.

Congratulations to our 2015 WorkWell winners! Please take a look below to read more about our winners and their motivation for entering the contest.

Grand Prize: Badger Truck 

Cheryl Klein, Marketing Coordinator for Badger Truck, is beginning to take a close look at every aspect of her company culture, including Badger Truck’s work environment.

“We understand the impact our work environment has on our team is strong and having our employees try ergonomic alternatives to their workstations would be an awesome start to our wellness plan launch,” says Klein. 

Klein struggles with shoulder and back pain because of her posture and computer screen level, so she is eager to add a height-adjustable desk to her workstation in order to relieve this pain. 

Office Before

Office Before

Office After

Office After

Located in Milwaukee, Badger Truck is one of the premier dealerships in the area. From purchasing, financing or servicing a new or pre-owned Ford, Badger Truck Center has a service that is right for you and your vehicle. 

Second Place: EMCS 

Corinne Evans of EMCS wants to promote a strong culture of wellness in her office. With the new treadmill workstation, Evans hopes to encourage more wellness activities and get employees up and moving throughout the work day. 

Evans also believes that the treadmill workstation will allow employees to experience the overall benefits of adding a height-adjustable desk to their office space.

Office Before

Office Before

EMCS is a multi-discipline civil engineering firm with offices in Milwaukee, Wausau and Madison. For over 30 years, EMCS has provided quality planning, design and field services to both the public and private sector. 

Third Place: Superior Diesel 

Melissa Sisel, Accountant at Superior Diesel, says her main motivation for entering the WorkWell contest was to help improve the overall working conditions for employees. 

“Superior Diesel has always put a lot of value on the people, and we recognize that good health leads to happier and more productive employees. Winning the Humanscale QuickStand will give us the opportunity to experience a completely different way of working throughout the day, and hopefully lead to better health,” says Sisel. 

Sisel also has noticed aches and pains due to extended periods of sitting at her desk and reaching for the keyboard and mouse. She believes that the QuickStand ultimately will help to reverse the strain she feels on her neck and shoulders.

Office Before

Office Before

Headquartered in Rhinelander, Superior Diesel, Inc. is a diesel engine distributor and a value-added packager of power units for John Deere and Kohler. 

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about our contest or our services, please contact Amanda Stein at astein@schroedersolutions.com