WorkWell Contest and Giveaway Helps Past Winners “Work Well”

Work Well Giveaway Contest

Schroeder Solutions recently checked in with our 2014 WorkWell Winners to see how the contest has impacted their overall workplace well-being. Learn more about how each winner made positive changes to their own health and office environment below:

1st Place: Bevara

Cory Pederson, our first place private office winner, says his sit-to-stand office helps increase his productivity throughout the day. Pederson’s posture and overall health tremendously have improved due to the new ability to stand while he works.

“My neck and back feel so much better from posture improvement and breaks from sitting in the same position,” says Pederson. He tries to stand for at least 1-2 hours each day to alleviate any pain associated with extended periods of sitting.

Pictured: Cory Pederson's height-adjustable Teknion private office.

How will you benefit from winning this contest?

We asked each of our participants how they would benefit from winning our WorkWell Contest. So, we took a look back at what our 2014 winners had to say.

Pederson said that winning the contest will help promote Bevara as a healthy work environment from the very first day employees move into its new office space.

Company Overview: Bevara Building Services has provided affordable and reliable facility maintenance service to its clients since 1996. From retail to residential buildings, Bevara develops and implements periodic, preventative and emergency response programs to meet the needs of each property it serves.

2nd Place: CSE

Our second place winner of a height-adjustable table and LifeSpan treadmill, Rose Anderson, believes that her new office has impacted her on more of an emotional level.

“It’s a great mood-lifter to be able to step away from your traditional desk, grab your laptop and continue working while walking on the treadmill,” says Anderson. “For some reason, walking on a treadmill while working is fun and not as tedious as actual exercise.” She explains that having the treadmill in her office also reinforces CSE’s image to employees and clients as being a fun, interactive and creative company.


How will you benefit from winning the contest?

CSE said that being able to move more throughout the day will help increase employee productivity, for employees will be more comfortable and far less stiff and achy. CSE also thought that it would help reduce the stress level for people to get up and move around more during their workday.

Company Overview: CSE is a promotional marketing company that offers branded merchandise and marketing solutions to its clients. CSE is a one stop shop for product, kitting, banners, awards and program fulfillment.

3rd Place: Green Bay YMCA

Michelle Murton, our third place winner of a Teknion height-adjustable table, feels more energetic and productive since having the new table in her office.

“I really wish everyone could have access to this,” says Morton. “I prefer to stand whenever possible, so I’ve planned more standing and walking meetings.” She believes that the height-adjustable table greatly has improved her workdays as a whole.

Pictured: Nick Rozek of Green Bay YMCA using the height-adjustable table while he works.

How will you benefit from winning the contest?

Morton explained that having a height-adjustable desk will allow the YMCA to show how it has impacted employee health and productivity and how it also can make a positive difference for other businesses as well.

Company Overview: Green Bay YMCA not only offers fitness for adults and families through all of its classes and programs, but it also offers the same classes and programs to local businesses and companies onsite. Green Bay YMCA has personal training, nutrition and wellness coaching services available to all.

We love seeing companies make healthy changes to their work environments in order to improve employee health, well-being and performance. Research shows that a well-designed space leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

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