Finalist #2 of the WorkWell Giveaway Contest: The Racine Journal Times

(Pictured left to right) Amanda Stein - Schroeder Solutions, Shari Karasek -The Journal Times and Jessica Raddemann The Wellness Council

(Pictured left to right) Amanda Stein – Schroeder Solutions, Shari Karasek -The Journal Times and Jessica Raddemann – The Wellness Council

We are very excited to announce the second finalist in our WorkWell Giveaway Contest is the Journal Times in Racine! Shari Karasek heads up their Wellness program and was ecstatic to hear the news that they are in the running to win the grand prize of a height-adjustable workstation or private office.

The Journal Times resides in a beautiful red brick building on a quiet street in downtown Racine. They have made great strides in their Wellness Program by providing their staff amenities such as an on-site fitness center, healthy food options, ergonomic assessments, comprehensive benefits packages and access to natural light.

Karasek feels The Journal Times will benefit greatly from a height adjustable workstation>>>

“The Journal Times has been bringing awareness to the benefits of standing workstations over the past year. This is a slow process since we don’t have money budgeted to replace workstations. Our Wellness Team has adopted this effort as one of our objectives this year and we are working at bringing awareness and educating employees. In addition to standing workstations we encourage employees to feel comfortable standing in meetings and we are placing a pub height table in our lunch room for those who would like to stand and eat. Currently we have one graphic artist, two managers (including myself) and two reporters who have standing or converting work stations. My workstation, for example, allows me to move my laptop from standing height to a seated location very easily so I can change my position throughout the day. Being “homemade” it is not the ideal piece of equipment.

Our organization would benefit from winning this contest because it would allow us to incorporate workstations that are truly made for the purpose of standing while working. Since few employees have laptops and are not able to move their computers, the ability to adjust the height is very important. Winning this contest would show employees that we are serious about this issue and it would bring more awareness to the efforts of our Wellness Team.

It is my hope that more employees would reap the benefits of a height adjustable workstation – from burning more calories, to improving circulation and back health, to increasing alertness on the job.”

The next drawing for the contest will take place on August 19th, so there is still time to enter! Click here to be directed to our application