HUDSON Business Lounge and Workplace – Project Highlight

HUDSON Business Lounge and Workplace is an 11,000-square-foot cutting-edge business facility that provides a viable workspace solution to business owners working out of home offices, sales representatives on the go, business executives who need a change of scenery and professionals looking for an off-site meeting location. No matter the business reason, HUDSON supports its members’ individual business goals and supports networking and cross marketing opportunities amongst its client base. HUDSON called upon Schroeder Solutions to provide the unique workplace ideas, configurations and layouts necessary to create this innovative work environment.

From semi-private workstations and open desking applications to private offices, conferencing and collaborative spaces, Schroeder Solutions incorporated products from over 16 manufacturers to design the ultimate co-working environment. Products were used to create three levels of privacy, and in some cases products were custom designed to meet very specific needs. The materials and finishes selected for the space maintain the desired loft-style appeal through the use of simple, clean neutrals with pops of vibrant colors such as lime green, orange and blue.

HUDSON creates a unique blend between member co-working spaces and a public access hospitality space with its bar component. This area is inviting to members as well as passersby for coffee by day and cocktails by night, “the sort of place where you just want to hang out and talk.”

In addition to providing design and furniture solutions for HUDSON, Schroeder Solutions demonstrated its commitment to the client and this workspace concept by helping HUDSON find the right furniture financing options. As a start-up, this can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, but Schroeder Solutions spearheaded the process. Through the collaborative participation of Advantage Leasing and Bank Mutual, HUDSON was able to open the doors to its fully equipped, loft-style office space.

As Hudson continues to evolve and adapt to members needs, Schroeder Solutions continues to consult on workplace trends and innovative products, such as soundmasking, whiteboard paint, sit to stand options, etc. Later this year there are plans to add on to the third Floor with dedicated private offices and workstations for yet another level of privacy.

Space includes:
(23) Workstations
(5) Conference rooms
(1) Seminar room
(9) 6×8 private offices
(10) 4×6 private offices

Bernhardt Hospitality
KC Booth Company
Grand Rapids Chair Company
Pulse Design
Valley Design
Janus et Cie

MLG Commercial – Project Hilghlight

Sometimes business professionals have to trust their instincts and act fast to take advantage of a unique opportunity. NAI MLG Commercial was looking to consolidate its Brookfield and Milwaukee offices into one location. After hearing about a company that closed its doors, John Malloy acted fast to acquire the office space and purchase an inventory of furniture sight unseen.

Schroeder Solutions took control of the purchased product in order to inventory the furniture and assess any damage to the product from being stored in a trailer for three years. While this process revealed significant damage to the extensive supply of product, the Schroeder Solutions team, through its Facility Maintenance Program, was able to provide the wood repair and touch-ups needed to restore the pieces to quality condition.

The next challenge was for the design team to create a space planning solution appropriate for MLG utilizing the existing inventory. In addition to creating a productive work environment, MLG wanted to provide social spaces to encourage a unique culture and camaraderie among its real estate team. A lounge space with a pool table and flat screen televisions throughout the office provide an environment for the team to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. Schroeder Solutions was able to utilize the furniture inventory and supplement the supply with select pieces from Teknion in order to create the desired corporate interior. In addition to providing the furniture, design and maintenance required for this project, Schroeder Solutions provided the moving, delivery and installation services needed to consolidate the offices and make the entire process as stress free as possible.

Buzzword: Collaboration – Multi-Tasking

In this illustration, a man is shown moving between solitary work at the desk and group work at the table. Shuttling between the two sites and modes of work occurs again and again throughout the workday. This illustration helps generate questions about supporting both work styles, e.g., how do you shield workers in an open plan from visual and acoustic distractions? How do you provide privacy for thinking, planning and writing? At the same time, how do you make it easy to interact, and to know what others are thinking and doing?

When planning a new office space or considering a remodel, individual work styles need to be considered in order to create an environment that supports privacy and task completion as well as teaming and collaboration. Thoughtful space planning and careful product selections will allow your company to establish a unique company culture that suits a variety of work functions and styles.

For more questions on how to create a work environment that supports The Swivel and other distinct work styles contact Nikki Couillard – Vice President | Lead Designer at