Workplace Trends #2: Working Outside the Box

People increasingly work in places other than their office or cubicle, even though in most offices today, workstations take up a vast majority of the square footage. Such under-utilization of space in the office is comparable to the cost of downtime at a manufacturing facility. In today’s top performing companies, workers spend more time collaborating and learning – gathering in meeting rooms, training rooms and team spaces, as well as lounges and cafes. Yet, many companies have not taken into consideration that dedicated workstations are being used less and less. The new reality is that people move around at work and are more productive when they do. Information gets passed along in brief, casual exchanges just as much as it does during formal meetings. The challenge for those charged with creating the office plan is to balance the need for dedicated spaces that support focused work with the need for immediate access to shared spaces for collaboration.

Below are examples of the “old equation at work” where the vast majority of an office’s space is taken up by regimented cubicles or workstations, compared to the “new equation” where space is utilized to fit the changing needs of the work environment.

Levitate Lift System for Easy Carpet Replacement

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your interior? Want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Update your flooring – it has the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your space. When you partner with Schroeder Solutions, we will install your new carpet using the Levitate Lift System, which means you will have little to NO downtime. Your furniture is literally lifted off the ground and new modular flooring is installed after hours. No moving furinture, no disruption to your staff – no headache for you!

Behind the Scenes Superstars

Lukas Gierhahn has been part of the Schroeder Solutions team for more than 8 years. He has worked in the field as a furniture installer as well as helped manage daily operations in the company’s warehousing and record management division. He currently plays a vital role in coordinating projects at Schroeder Solutions from order entry to project scheduling. Luke works closely with the sales and operations staff to make sure client projects stay on track. When he is not managing day-to-day project details, you may find him strumming his bass guitar, whipping up a delicious homeade pizza, working on his car, or traveling up north to go boating.

Vicki Aliota coordinates order entry and expedites and schedules office expansions, renovations and relocations for Schroeder Solutions. Her sales and customer service experience (managing multiple projects averaging $3 million annually with a previous employer) makes her a valuable team member who is integral to the success of client projects. Her eye for detail and ability to multi-task is used in and out of the office as she maintains a large garden with a variety of flowers at her home. She also enjoys walking and hiking with her Siberian Husky, Ali, and spending time with her husband, Michael, at their cabin.

March Madness with Schroeder Solutions

Why sit in the bleachers, when you can enjoy the game in a comfortable lounge chair?

Nikki Couillard, Vice President at Schroeder Solutions, along with our vendor partner, Global, created “The Best Seats in the House” raffle opportunity for the annual Lutheran Sports Association of Wisconsin basketball tournament. Numerous winners relished the cushy, courtside seats for a kid-focused cause.