Where In The World Has Schroeder Solutions Been Lately

As you may know, Schroeder Solutions was formed 10 years ago to provide facilities management services and products for Southeast Wisconsin companies. What you may not know is that we have been completing these same services for local companies throughout the world. Yes that’s right, the world!

Due to our partnership with Schroeder Moving Systems (a United Van Line agent) and Total Relocation Services (a Mayflower agent), we can serve local companies all over the world.

We also joined the CRN network (Commercial Relocation Network) three years ago to allow us to be a part of the best nationwide office and industrial moving group available. This gives us instant contact with other relocation experts who abide to a high level of standards.

So, if you are responsible for real estate locally and around the globe, we are here to serve you. Read more about what companies we have worked for and where exactly we have been around the globe.

Diversey:  Jamaica & Ohio

Dematic (formerly HK Systems):  Utah & Illinois

Eaton Corporation:  South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan  & San Juan, Puerto Rico

Brookdale Senior Living:  13 states                                   

FAA:  Minnesota

FIS Global:  Alabama & Tennessee

Johnson Controls:  27 states

TDS:  Michigan

Herzing:  Nebraska, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Canada

Cardinal Health:  Illinois

RedPrairie:  California, Colorado and Quebec, Canada

Actuant:  Maryland

Project Highlight: FIS Global

In the summer of 2010, Schroeder Solutions teamed up with FIS Global to embark on a 4-week furniture relocation project from Milwaukee, WI to Birmingham, AL.  Any project spanning across continental territory requires good logistics, communication, and manpower in order to successfully complete the project on time.  Brian Lynch, the Facilities Project Planner from FIS Global, and the Schroeder Solutions’ team (Mike McMillin, Jim Friedl, Jason Frank, Ralph Tatum and Mary McKillip) worked together to inventory nearly 400 stations and then manage and facilitate the relocation of over 170 workstations, 41 private offices and 5 conference rooms. The biggest obstacle throughout the project was the sheer volume of product involved, as well as setting up a pull list and making sure everything was sent in the correct sequence to allow maximum efficiency during the Birmingham install.  The team’s hard work paid off and the project was completed ahead of schedule. In the future, Schroeder will once again team with FIS to coordinate and perform a similar move from Milwaukee to Nashville, TN.

Now you know there is a local resource to help you wherever your company might be…or wherever it may need to go.

Quoting the Project Right the First Time

In order to eliminate client stress in the integrated move management process, we believe in accurately quoting the project from the start. We utilize a QuickQube touch screen tablet to support the initial project inventory. As you enter the details of the move, the software system tallies product and begins to make you aware of challenges. It provides you with industry averages of what it will take to complete the job. While each integrated move management project has unique circumstances, this program allows you to make adjustments that account for variables such as the size of the elevator and the distance to reach that elevator. This extremely elaborate and customized excel spread sheet helps maintain accuracy in a project estimate while allowing you a quick response time for your clients; you can give them an estimate on the spot. The system keeps estimators honest and provides checks and balances. It offers more credibility and an opportunity to apply a realistic formula to a process that involves labor, methods and equipment.  The CRN Annual Meeting continuously offers training for professionals in order to continue to fine tune this process. While I have 25 years of experience to back up my decisions, the QuickQube supports my expertise and offers clients the most accurate estimates possible.

A Network of Resources and Years of Experience Support the Success of Integrated Move Management Projects

Any type of change can be stressful, but when change involves a physical move that level of stress can increase. Managing a move is a detailed process that when done right can eliminate the stressful part of this momentous change.

Mike McMillin is the Corporate Relocation Consultant for Schroeder Solutions, and he has been in the integrated move management industry for over 25 years. While he started his career on the trucks, he now uses his hands-on knowledge to handle the logistics of the project.

“You need to break down every move just like setting up an assembly line. You need to determine the right number of men and trucks and then determine an order for how and when to move what items,” describes McMillin.

McMillin works closely with the crews and follows through on all of the details. He believes the process needs to be as transparent as possible for the customer in order to help eliminate stress.

Due to McMillin’s years of experience, Schroeder Solutions is eligible to be a part of the CRN Network. This organization is an elite membership of over 50 of the industry’s top office moving and furniture installation groups. McMillin’s involvement with CRN is an asset to Schroeder Solutions’ clients as it provides them access to a network of service providers and specialized pricing across the country. There is a high standard of qualifications necessary to be a part of this group as a result the members are committed to supporting each other.

Schroeder Solutions has had the opportunity to share the benefits of this network with clients such as FIS, Red Prairie and Brookdale Senior Living. McMillin’s expertise and CRN connections allow Schroeder Solutions to support clients’ integrated move management needs at home and across the country.